Fritchey easily wins Claypool's seat


Alex Parker

February 03, 2010 @ 3:00 AM

It's been a rough couple of years in the political ring for Ted Matlak.

The former alderman was voted out of office by a slim margin in favor of Scott Waguespack in 2008. And yesterday, state Rep. John Fritchey easily defeated him for the 12th District County Board seat being vacated by Commissioner Forrest Claypool.

Fritchey, who will resign his General Assembly seat, ran as a reformer, casting himself against Matlak, whose Machine ties are well-chronicled and who drew criticism as an alderman for pushing development deals that changed the character of neighborhoods like Bucktown and Wicker Park.

Fritchey raised immeasurably more money than Matlak, whose contributions weren't included on the state board of elections site.

It was an odd race, to say the least. Fritchey called Matlak's candidacy "political revenge," getting back at Fritchey for supporting Waguespack, and for winning the 32nd Ward Committeeman spot.

Matlak said his reason for running was because he was fed up with the status quo of county and state government. He ran on the platform of jobs, health care and lowering property taxes.

Unfortunatley for Matlak, the most media coverage the race got was this week, when strange "Fritchey/Stroger" signs began popping up on the North Side.

Fritchey scored 75 percent of the vote, according to the Chicago Board of Elections.

Elsewhere in Chicago/County Board races, incumbent Commissioner Edwin Reyes defeated Xavier Nogueras, a favorite of Reyes' predecessor Alderman Roberto Maldonado.

Commissioner Robert Steele held on to his seat, and Commissioner Bridget Gainer ran unopposed.

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