Is Police Board trying to force Emanuel to pick an insider?


Geoff Dougherty

April 29, 2011 @ 4:12 AM

The director of the Newark, N.J., police and two high-ranking Chicago cops are finalists to lead the Chicago Police Department. 

The Chicago Police Board has named its three candidates to serve as Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel's police superintendent. 

They're Newark police director Garry McCarthy, who formerly held a senior position with the NYPD; Eugene Williams, Chicago's chief of patrol, and Debra Kirby, deputy superintendent for CPD's Bureau of Professional Standards. 

Two of the candidates have significant black marks on their records that should prevent them from consideration.  

In 2005, internal affairs agents accused Kirby of failing to investigate a pattern of robberies and other misconduct by CPD's special operations section. Federal prosecutors launched an investigation into whether internal affairs supervisors had covered up the misconduct. Though several SOS officers were charged, supervisors were not. 

Also in 2005, McCarthy became involved in a shouting match with New Jersey police who had issued his daughter a parking ticket. McCarthy and his wife were both arrested. 

Thus, the only candidate without a major downside is Williams. 

This looks like an effort by the Police Board to hem Emanuel into choosing a Williams, an insider, for the superintendent's job. Of course, it's possible Emanuel will kick the issue back to the board and ask members to come up with more finalists, as Mayor Richard M. Daley did in 2007. 

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