Claypool mum on CTA fare increase


Geoff Dougherty

June 28, 2011 @ 11:50 AM

Here's some disturbing news: CTA chief Forrest Claypool, asked by the Trib whether a fare increase might be on the horizon, wouldn't answer the question.

As one of my former colleagues at Chi-Town Daily News found a few years ago, CTA fares aren't exactly a bargain. Indeed, at that time they were the most expensive in the country. 

I'm guessing that situation hasn't changed, although I'll poke around today to see if there's updated data available. 

The CTA's financial situation is a mess—the state owes it nearly $100 million and there's no word on when that check might be arriving. So clearly something's got to give, and the agency's deal with Gov. Pat Quinn that put the kabosh on fare increases ends this year. 


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