Rahm Emanuel agrees to defer infrastructure vote


Geoff Dougherty

April 18, 2012 @ 1:09 PM

With a group of aldermen threatening to use parliamentary maneuvering to delay a vote on Mayor Rahm Emanuel's controversial infrastructure trust program, the mayor today agreed to postpone consideration of the measure. 

Aldermen and the mayor will have at least another six days to hash over the infrastructure plan, the Trib reports.

The trust legislation would allow the mayor to appoint a board for civic improvement projects. The board would seek non-traditional sources of funding for its work, and would be controlled by a single alderman along with a group of financiers. 

Opponents say the plan would allow the mayor and powerful business allies to conduct much of the city's business in private. 

Alderman Brendan Reilly says Emanuel recently met with aldermen to get a handle on their concerns, and apparently listened. “He decided to pull back and make sure we get this right. It’s proof we’ve turned a page and we have a new mayor with a new approach to governing," Reilly says. 


  • Rahm delays vote on controversial Infrastructure Trust plan [Sun-Times]


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