Does the Sun-Times finally have a plan?


Geoff Dougherty

April 25, 2012 @ 12:40 PM

The Sun-Times has been through an awful lot over the past few years: The criminal trial of the paper's former owner, bankruptcy and two sets of new owners.

During much of that time the paper has been eerily silent about how it's going to prop up sagging circulation and profits, or if that's even a realistic goal. 

Finally, we have some answers, albeit ones that mostly raise more questions. 

Reader columnist Mike Miner spoke the other day with newly appointed Sun-Times editorial honcho Jim Kirk, who seems to have something of a strategy lined up. 

According to Miner, the company will focus on bringing more suburban coverage into the Sun-Times, and more Chicago coverage into its smaller suburban papers. 

For what it's worth, that goes very much against conventional wisdom of the digital age, which suggests that tightly defined niche products are the route to success.

I suppose, though, more local coverage beats the New York Post comes to Chicago strategy that the Sun-Times seemed to be pursuing up until this week. Good thing, because the last I checked the Post was awash in red ink.

Disclosure: I worked for Kirk at the Tribune, was briefly Miner's boss at the Reader, and found the latter much more enjoyable than the former. 


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