Polifact: Pat Quinn's pants are on fire


Geoff Dougherty

April 30, 2012 @ 9:15 AM

Gov. Pat Quinn
Gov. Pat Quinn

Politifact, the website that's made a name for itself by calling out politicians who are fudging the facts, is taking a hard look at Gov. Pat Quinn.

A statements Quinn made about Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's record on raising property taxes garners the website's worst rating for truthfulness: Pants on Fire.  

In an email to supporters as Walker spoke to the Illinois Chamber of Commerce earlier this month, Quinn alleges Walker's budget increased property taxes by $500 billion. 

Quinn's people say that was a typo—they actually meant $500 million. But Politifact says that number doesn't quite add up either, and that the true increase is more in the neighborhood of $350 million. 

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